Should I Go To Driving School?

September 19, 2022

Learning to drive a vehicle is a necessity nowadays. Almost everything we do in our daily lives requires the use of a vehicle from commuting between home and work to driving out with friends and family to a restaurant. You could use public transport for such travels but some situations require you to have at least basic knowledge of driving a vehicle. What happens if somebody gets seriously ill while driving a vehicle? What happens if someone gets in an accident? If you know how to drive you can take the injured person to the hospital and probably save their life.

But how do you learn to drive a vehicle? Some people prefer learning through a driving institute while others prefer that their parents or friends teach them. It is up to you to decide which path to take. At the end of the day, you have to pass the driving test to be able to get a license.

Beginner Drivers

The majority of people that take admission to a driving school are teenagers. In other words, they are “beginner drivers” who are looking to get their driving license for the first time. If you are a teenager yourself, you should not be too wary of the environment you would find in a driving school. But even if you are an adult, seeing teenagers around you might prove as a motivation to do well.

Beginner drivers are risky on a road. They do not have the proper skill to avoid getting into an accident, which is why a driving school is important. If a parent or a relative is teaching you they might miss out on teaching you important and necessary tricks such as how to merge on a freeway or taking a left into oncoming traffic. The teachers in a driving school will cover all the aspects of driving since it is their responsibility. If you are a beginner driver and you can afford a driving school you should go to one.

Both Hands on the Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is the only instrument that can steer you out of trouble when you are faced with a difficult situation. So, your hands should always be on the wheel. If you are not vigilant and both of your hands are not on the steering wheel at all times anything could happen.

Do Not Use Your Smartphone

We cannot stress this point enough, “Do not use your phone while driving.” The folks at the driving school will always advise against it especially young drivers. The last thing you want is to get distracted by a car and get into a crash.

Minding the Speed Limit

We have all heard the saying ‘speed thrills but kills’ but how many times do we adhere to it? Sometimes we are so engrossed in the driving experience that we forget that our speed is creeping over the limit. If you are caught speeding the police might give you a hefty fine. You could even risk losing your license, so be careful.

Using Indicators

It is frustrating to see drivers that do not use indicators before entering a turn. Not only that, but not using an indicator can make it hard for the driver driving behind you from determining your next move. You should make a habit of using an indicator even when you are on an empty road.

Keeping a Safe Distance

It should always be your priority to keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road especially from the one right in front of you. If you keep a healthy distance between you and the other driver, you will have time to react if the driver in front of you makes any sudden movements. This is especially true when it is raining. Wet roads reduce friction giving you less time to apply brakes.

Benefits of Joining a Driving School

A driving school can help you erase bad driving habits from your mind while teaching you good driving habits to transform you into a responsible driver. But other than that many advantages can make you choose a driving school over a parent or relative.

Better Safety Precautions

At a driving school, the instructor will be determined to teach you the rules of the road until there will come a time when you know them like the back of your hand. You will learn the proper driving technique while also developing the ability to adapt to ever-changing driving conditions. When you are learning from a friend or relative you are bound to adopt their driving habits. A driving instructor will ensure you are doing the right thing to avoid collisions and other small accidents.

Just Like the Real Test

At a driving school, you will be trained to pass the real driving test. You will be put into challenging situations and will be taught the correct way to get out of them. This means you increase your chances of passing the driving test on your first try.

Lower Insurance Rates

One major advantage of joining a reputable driving school is that after you get a certificate from them you can use it to enjoy reduced insurance rates. Car insurance companies judge you as a driver. If you are a safe and responsible driver you will get a lower insurance premium while a rash driver and even a young driver would have to pay a lot. A driving school certificate will satisfy the insurance company that you are well-versed in traffic rules and regulations.

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