All You Need to Know About Dash Cams

May 1, 2022

Nowadays, dash cams have become a necessity for drivers. Not only does the technology protect you from car theft, but it also allows you to have your say in court if you are involved in an accident. In short, a dash cam can save you lots of time and money. But does every individual need a dashcam, or can one do without it? Here we will answer all the questions you might have concerning dash cams.

Who Needs A Car, Dash Cam?

It would be better if everybody in this world started using a dashcam for their car. But that is not possible due to several reasons. The people who need it are few. There are generally three kinds of situations that warrant getting a dashcam:

i) Rash Drivers: Although not everyone drives like they are in a rally race all the time, some people think that public roads are built only for them and that they can drive on them as they please. As a result, we get drivers who are rash and irresponsible. Usually, the younger generation is involved in such activities. If you have a dashcam and you spot a rash driver, you can report that individual to the police, and since you will have recorded footage of their irresponsible driving, the police will have no problem believing you. What’s more, you will possibly save other drivers from getting into an accident.

ii) Theft and Hit & Run: If you park your car in a dark alley or any other location where car theft is more likely, it would be better for you to get a dashcam. Most dash cam companies make cameras that are powered directly from your car’s power supply. This type of dash cam will switch off when the car is turned off. If a possible thief comes to steal something from your car or a person hits your car and runs away, you won’t be able to gather any evidence. For such cases, you will need a battery-operated dashcam. These cameras are not solely dependent on your car’s power supply. When your vehicle turns off, the camera switches to its battery. Now, if someone comes near your vehicle, the camera automatically powers on with the help of proximity sensors and takes a picture. This way, you will have evidence in case of theft or hit and run.

iii) Accidents and Insurance: We don’t want any of you to ever get in an accident, but it is the nature of an accident that it can happen at any time without any warning and to anyone. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for any incident beforehand. Your car has a safety mechanism that includes technology such as airbags and proximity sensors. These safety features protect you from any harm. However, there is nothing to prove, in the case of an accident, because you have evidence. If you have a dashcam and you get in an accident, you will have recorded video of the entire incident through which you can prove your innocence and speed up the claim process with your insurance provider.

iv) Public Transport Drivers: As a taxi driver or an Uber driver, you might get to experience all kinds of people every day. Some of them might be good and well-mannered, while some might be rude and ill-mannered. You just cannot predict if you will get a good customer or a bad one, which is why you should be prepared in case you encounter a bad one. In recent times, there have been reports of theft in Uber cars, and as a result, not only Uber drivers but taxi driver companies have started installing 360-degree dash cams that record the whole scene inside and outside the vehicle. That keeps you protected against dangers.  

What is a Car Dash Camera?

A car dash camera is a small gadget usually smaller than your palm that is placed on either your car’s dashboard or behind your car’s rear-view mirror. Its position depends on its size. The dash camera can be powered in two ways: your car’s battery or the cam’s battery. The most basic cameras have only one powering source. All you need to do to install one is connect the wires that come with the camera to your car’s power source, and voila! You will have your surveillance camera. The more advanced cameras have a supplementary power source that can be used when the car is switched off. These cameras help you gather footage that would usually be missed by a regular dashcam.

How Does A Dash Camera Work?

A dash camera is just like any other camera except the dash camera is inside a car on its dash. The dashcam has all the same components. There are a lens and a storage space in this camera. Once you turn it on, the camera starts recording what happens in front of your car. Later, you can take out the storage card and view the footage on your laptop. Some dash cams have small screens built in them so you can view the footage directly. A dash camera takes its power from your car.


There are many uses for a dashcam. We won’t be surprised if you find a unique use for it. But even if you do not, getting a dashcam will prove to be fruitful for you. It will keep you safe in desperate times, and that could especially be very reassuring if you are a female driver. If you get into a challenging situation you will always have recorded footage of an incident, which is sometimes all you need. 

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