The Best-Selling Car in The World is None Other Than the Toyota Corolla

October 22, 2022

Not many manufacturers can claim to have made a world-famous car. Only a handful, like the Japanese manufacturer Toyota, can say that they have in fact made something legendary. The brand has produced some exceptional vehicles over the years, but none of those comes close to the status of the Toyota Corolla. It is the sedan that rules the hearts of the masses.

The first model of the car series came out in 1966. The sedan got a mild reception and wasn’t an outright success as some people think. But Toyota learned from its shortcomings from the first model and improved the next one. The second-generation Corolla was a reliable and durable vehicle that could days on end without needing much fuel. In other words, the car was also extremely fuel-efficient.

But then came the third-generation Toyota Corolla, right after the Oil Crisis of 1973. At that time, people were looking for a fuel-efficient family passenger vehicle, and Toyota delivered it. The 1974 Corolla was the first biggest breakthrough, which ushered in a new era for the brand.

Toyota never looked back after that, and they kept on producing model after model of the successful sedan. Nowadays, the Toyota Corolla is in its 12th generation, and it is arguably the best one yet.

Exterior Design

Toyota has always paid attention to the looks of its cars. Since Corolla got such a high status, the brand did even better this time around by giving it an attractive exterior. The newest generation has a sporty aesthetic, with angular headlights and a wide-open air intake. The front bumper also accentuates the design with a sleek line mirroring those on the top.

The side-on view is simpler and the use of aggressive lines is practically nonexistent. But the spectacular rims do their job on this part.

On the rear, the same design philosophy follows, with sleek cuts and lines overtaking the aesthetic. All in all, the car looks completely modern. Toyota has given enough thought to make it look like a part of the modern era. The vehicle is the perfect family sedan, which is also environmentally friendly.

The Japanese brand offers the Corolla in three body styles. You have the standard sedan, the sporty hatchback, and the convenient wagon. No matter which one you try, the looks on each are worthy of praise.

Performance Dynamics

Talks of the environment lead us to the performance department, where the changes are more prominent. Toyota has confirmed with world standards and raised awareness about climate change by introducing a better hybrid model in the Corolla range.

The new car gives out the combined fuel efficiency of 3.6l per 100 km. That’s incredible considering the exorbitant fuel prices and the impending shortage of petroleum products. Furthermore, this economy is based on the 1.8L engine, which is impressive on its own.

The hybrid motor and the engine come together to produce 90 kW of power, which is sufficient for daily use. It’s nothing too outrageous, considering the Corolla is a family-oriented vehicle.

But Toyota gives you that option in the hatchback trim. You get several options there, including engine choices, so you can be a bit adventurous when needed. The base variant comes with a 2.0-litre engine that’s mated to a CVT transmission. This specification gets you 125 kW of power output with a 200 Nm torque rating.

The fuel consumption for this car stands at 6.0L per 100 km. That’s almost double that of the hybrid. Talking of hybrids, the hatchback version also has an electrified variant. But it is a bit tame, thanks to the 1.8L engine.


The story inside the cabin is nothing short of interesting. Toyota has chosen an all-black interior to give out a sense of luxury and sophistication. Black interiors are mostly used by sportscars and that is something the brand is hoping to achieve with the new model. In some cases, a multi-colour contrasting interior is also used.

The dash is simple yet modern. In other words, it is nothing too fancy, but it does the job. You will find an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition, navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The audio output goes to 8 JBL Premium speakers.

But that is not the most interesting part. The Corolla has the Toyota Safety Sense setup. This feature gives you all the modern driver assistance and safety gadgets. Among the equipment used is the anti-collision assist, active cornering assist, ABS, blind spot monitor system, drive-start control, hill start assist, airbags, and all the parking sensors.

The Safety Suite gets several more features, but only if you upgrade to the higher trim. That is unnecessary, but if you want to feel the effects of modernity, then why not?

Price and Trims

The Toyota Corolla starts at around $30k, and the rate climbs up after that too as far as $40k or more. The brand offers three body styles, with the hatchback variant offering the most options. You can choose from 6 trims in the hatch, whereas the sedan and wagon styles have only a single variant to choose from.


The Toyota Corolla is the world’s best-selling car because it is extremely reliable in all types of conditions. The car can even do some off-roading if you are careful enough. That means you can take the vehicle to its limits, and it would still not give up on you.

That’s the kind of legacy Corolla has made over the years. Toyota produced model after model that was one step above the last. No wonder people fell in love with the car and chose it over others.

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